The gallery LE KABINET will present from 28 Novembre to 16 December 2015 FUCKING HELL by WREK (Olivier Deprez & Miles O Shea)
A rolling table with printing press and drying tower (The RollerTableTower) is transformed into a makeshift cinematogravure machine, reclaimed comics on canvas, copies engraved posing as allegory (but allegory of what?), a danse macabre, cassette soundtrack a resung Rolling Stones refrain, the mountain’s flat surface, a fanzine by Marine Penhouët. These are some of the disparate elements of FUCKING HELL by WREK. As with the previous work, « THE NAUGHTY GIRL & THE NAUGHTY BOY » presented at LE KABINET in May 2015,
FUCKING HELL by WREK will be boxed, labelled and signed at the end of the exhibition then added to the archive of WREK constituting an evolving nomadic project that is it’s own process of doing, undoing and redoing.WREK was formed by woodcut artist, writer, filmmaker and founding member of the avant garde comic collective Fremok, Olivier Deprez & Miles O Shea, woodcut printer, writer and actor. WREK produces a variety of forms from a variety of practices. The colour black, repetition, the relation of texts and images, life and art, the city and the country are some of the key processes of WREK
*Visite sur RDV
Kabinet d’Estampes, Marine Penhouët & Arnaud Rochard